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HGX12V series AGM+ gel battery

Name:HGX12V series AGM+ gel battery
Details :

Hertz HG12X series colloid battery
Gaseous silica is used to prepare high-quality colloid, and the electrolyte is evenly distributed without acid stratification. The electrolyte is in gel fixed state, without flow and leakage, so that all parts of the electrode plate react evenly.
All use high purity raw materials, the battery self-discharge is very small, using the compact assembly technology, has the fine high rate discharge performance.
Excessive electrolyte, large heat capacity of the battery, strong heat dissipation ability, wide operating temperature range.
Using gas recombination technology, the battery has a very high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid mist precipitation, safety and environmental protection, no pollution.
The designed service life under floating charge mode is more than 12 years