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BM-H2000 Battery Online Monitoring System

BM-H2000 Battery Online Monitoring System

Details :

BM-H2000 Battery Online Monitoring System

Front and rear panel drawings of standard 3U chassis


BM-H2000 battery intelligent on-line monitoring system is mainly used in power plants, power supply bureaus, substations and other power DC systems; communication companies'computer rooms, base stations; energy storage power stations, solar energy, wind power and other power units; railway power supply substations; financial, petroleum, chemical, hospital and other enterprises and institutions of UPS machine room and other backup power supply occasions, real-time monitoring of large capacity battery units. Battery voltage, internal resistance, charging and discharging current, residual power, battery health status, etc., and real-time judgment of the alarm status, sound and light alarm, can also use mobiles phones short message alarm to ensure the reliable operation of the battery group.

Applicable battery system:

24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 380V, 500V, 800V battery packs. Different types of UPS battery packs and energy storage power stations can be cascaded on a large scale. Lead-acid batteries (including colloids), lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries can be monitored and managed.

The composition of the monitoring system:

Battery on-line monitoring host, monitoring system management software, current and temperature sensors, network communication interface (optional)

System functions:

Real-time monitoring of voltage, charge-discharge current, internal resistance, temperature, battery capacity, health level and alarm volume

Measuring the internal resistance of batteries manually or regularly

Checking Sexual Discharge Data

System characteristics:

Real-time monitoring: 7*24 hours acquisition, monitoring and management. Real-time alarm: It can be configured to report the alarm actively and extract the alarm from the main station. Find out the old battery and call the police immediately. Modularization: It can flexibly configure batteries of various voltage levels and a variety of chassis to choose from.

Communication: Support RS232, RS485, LAN, remote centralized management. High security and reliability: Sampling terminal and communication terminal adopt photoelectric isolation, which is safe and reliable. All imported, industrial chip, quality assurance.

Unique diagnosis of battery health status: give the most direct criterion, technology accumulation is profound, with technical characteristics.

Data preservation: The upper computer software can save a large number of long-term records of group voltage, single voltage, charging and discharging current, single resistance, operation and alarm.

Technical parameters:

Battery models: lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium

Battery models: 1V, 2V, 3-4.2V, 6V, 8V, 12V

Battery capacity: 10Ah-3000Ah

Number of test batteries: 6-251

Principle of Internal Resistance Measurement: DC Discharge Method

Number of monitorable batteries: 1-2 batteries

Alarm mode: mobiles phones short message, voice

Communication mode: RS485/232/Ethernet

Chassis size: standard 3U chassis, 1U chassis, non-standard chassis

Working Temperature: - 40 ~60

Relative humidity: 5%-95%